Vanessa&Santiago-small-73Vanessa and Santiago had a total of 6 guests at their wedding: their parents and one brother each. With the bride and groom, that made eight. Small!

But really, a nice size.  It was fun, intimate and simple.

From the moment we met in their kitchen a few weeks ago, I have really liked these two. They’re smart, silly, creative, cool and very classy, while completely lacking in pretension. (Well, yeah. I already said they’re cool).

They’re both graphic designers, so no pressure with the pictures! 🙂

It was a rainy Thursday evening, but we didn’t let a few drops stop us!   After the short, informal ceremony (Vanessa’s brother officiating), we went outside for some pictures.


The wedding was held at the Vieux Presbytère in Saint-Bruno. The Vieux Presbytère is an historical monument constructed in a neoclassical style in 1851 on donated land, to serve as the Presbytery for the local catholic parish. It was replaced by a smaller and less expensive house in 1960, at which point the building was taken apart stone by stone and meticulously rebuilt beside the water in the park by the Lac du Village (Village lake). It was officially inaugurated in 1967 and has served ever since as meeting hall and art gallery for the local community.


If you’re in the area, the work on display is all very good, by local artists, and well worth a visit.

Vanessa&Santiago-small-72Nat and I considered the Vieux Presbytère as a possible venue for our own wedding this October, but ours will be too big! The rooms can take a maximum of about 50 people, and we’re inviting a few more than that.

For Vanessa and Santiago, however, it was more than perfect!

Thank you to both families for including me in your day! It was a lot of fun, and I wish you many, many years of happiness and prosperity.



I told them I wasn’t sure I’d be able to catch the confetti in the dark. Not the best picture from a technical point of view, but it catches the mood of the day!