Jessica and Chris
Pretty much every wedding has one of these moments.

I got into weddings in part because it seemed like it would be right up my alley (despite my fears and reservations), but also because it turns out that I’m a big old romantic. Especially since getting married myself, I have had to admit that I’m a real sucker for all the trappings of a wedding — the venue, the details, the clothing (I now know more about this stuff than, I expect, 90% of my male friends) — but especially the emotions of a wedding: the extreme highs and lows, the nervousness and exhilaration of people making a huge life-changing decision (or celebrating with a friend or family member who is doing so).

Pretty much every wedding also has one of these moments, or one like it.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better job than to be the photographer at an event where everyone, basically, is happy and having fun. And if that means that I’m a big old sucker for it all, well, I’m secure enough to admit it.

And I always form a real attachment to the couples I’m shooting. Now, that connection probably helps me do a better job, but in the moment and during the editing process it also tends to make me very insecure and self-critical. I want them to have the best, and I’m full of self-doubt!

Jessica and Chris

But anyway.

One couple I have recently gotten to know is Jessica and Chris. Their whirlwind romance produced a really lovely wedding on a very warm and sunny day in September, and  I was there with them, camera in hand. I met up with them again on Friday of last week (I’m ordering their prints this weekend), and they seemed to be doing great. I was happy that they liked their photos.

So let’s raise a glass to Jessica and Chris. Much happiness to both of them.