At the moment, there are huge, dangerous forest fires in British Columbia — when I last read the news of it, around 40,000 people had been evacuated from the area, either because they had lost their homes, or preventatively. My heart goes out to them.

In one of those odd twists of nature that so often make signs of danger appear beautiful (you know – the brightest coloured snakes are the most poisonous…), the fires 100 km away are creating beautiful skies over Canmore, Alberta, where I’m vacationing with my family right now.


The photo was taken using my iPhone. In the sky you can see the red sunlight reflecting in the smoke from the forest fires. When we later arrived home and sat out on the deck, we noticed that ash was falling on us from the sky. It was a bizarre feeling – the remnants of trees burning on the other side of the mountains were falling on us.

My best wishes to the people hoping to return to their homes, or to rebuild. May it be soon.