About a year and a half ago, Jessica and I met up at 5 AM in Montréal’s Lafontaine Park to do a portrait session. It was very successful. Jessica is a great natural model (she works in university administration in real life), we had a great time, and some of the photos appear on my website.

Jess also had her camera with her, so we turned it into a video camera and had some fun. I had planned to edit the video but never really got around to it, and finally decided that I should just post it as-is, because it’s kind of fun and real. I’m not slick, so why should I have a slick video?

So you’ll have to forgive the sound quality and all the mistakes I made on-camera, and please do feel free to mock me. I take a little time to explain what we’re doing, but mostly the video just lets you see how much fun we’re having.

I love doing these early morning shoots. The light is perfect, everyone is fresh, and the photography is usually among my best, and I’m really looking forward to the next time I get to do another session like this one. Thanks, Jess!