PakExcursionMay06 061wm
The view from a window at the Rohtas Fort in Punjab.

Travel changes us, obviously, and it was while travelling — well, technically I was an expatriate Canadian living in South Asia — that I started getting serious about photography. And that changed my life in important ways.

At the time, I was living in Pakistan, where I spent a lot of time with my little Kodak Z740 point and shoot (yes, Kodak did make point and shoot digital cameras, and mine was a pretty good one! I used it for several years and only bought my first “serious” DSLR camera — a Canon Rebel xti — after I had completely exhausted the capability of my little Kodak). I used to take my camera everywhere, and I took pictures of everything I saw. I was in Pakistan, after all! Everything was interesting. And seriously – who knew if I would ever return after that year?

I also took that camera with me to Nicaragua several times, travelling with student groups. I loved that little camera.

Peshawar Nov.06 056 wm
I spoke with this man for a few minutes one day in Peshawar. He was begging, and I gave him 20 rupees. I then asked permission to make a photo of him, and he held up the bill I had given him as though that was what I was hoping he would do.

It was in Pakistan that I discovered the joy of sharing my photos with the world. It was there that I was first told I had a good eye, and it was there that I really started thinking about the art form of photography, and really trying to get it right. I made a lot of mistakes. I got a few things right. I had a lot of fun.

Want to see some of my pictures from Pakistan? Just keep in mind that I was a beginner when I did them — please don’t judge me!

I’ll have more to write about my time in Pakistan later on, but let’s keep this one short!

Till soon!