Last Thursday I went walking around Estelí a bit, taking pictures as I went. Without further comment, here are some of them.

(As always on this trip, I am not able to edit my photos much, and these are jpegs more or less straight from the camera (I have been doing minor adjustments in the Microsoft Picture manager in the cyber cafe I work from. Needless to say, it is not a subtle tool). I’m looking forward to getting home soon, where I will be able to dump all my RAW files into Lightroom and Photoshop!)

And of course, there I go – offering further comment after promising no further comment!

To the photos!

in the barrio of Panamá Soberana, on the other side of the river from downtown.
A view of a kitchen in Panamá Soberana, where Nacatamales are made. Nacatamales are cornmeal and/or rice with various spices and meat, wrapped in plantain leaves and boiled until done. Very tasty if done right. A mushy mess when done wrong.
Also in Panamá Soberana.
Also in Panamá Soberana. If I were into selective colour, I would probably select for green in this photo.
This is the bridge leading into the barrio of Panamá Soberana, where most of these images were taken. The view here is away from that Barrio and towards the main part of the city.
Looking away from the bridge, upstream along the Rio Estelí (Estelí River). The water is low right now, but when it rains heavily it can sweep you away.
Making furniture in Panamá Soberana. I really love the name of this Barrio, and it has quite a few small workshops like this one.
Nice Dog, living two doors down from where I am staying, NOT in Panamá Soberana (in case you were wondering).
Washing up. This was taken in the family home where I have been staying for most of the last six weeks.

And that’s all! See you in a couple of days.